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VABA COVID-19 Statement & Updates (new Virtual Training -QSA!)

By BEN D'ALESSANDRO, 04/09/20, 6:15PM EDT


Dear VABA Families and Community Members:

Since 1998, VABA’s mission has been “building character and shaping lives through the game of basketball.”   In addition, VABA’s highest priority has also been the safety and health of our participants.  These enduring values and priorities guide us as we encourage families of our community to stay safe and healthy - and, as VABA faces the challenge of providing quality coaching and teaching resources, during the period we are living in.

Present Developments
As news continues to develop, our VABA Team has continued to remain in close, consistent contact via video conferencing, phone calls, FaceTime, etc.  During the initial stages, our 2019-20 Winter League season had just wrapped up, and we were transitioning into our spring Bruins season as well as our Private and Small Group training.  Rather than react with a statement, we chose to allow the federal, state and local authorities determine the proper course of action, regarding proper safety, and then we chose to take a wait-and-see approach as we monitored how it would impact our programs present and future.  During this time, we discussed potential services/programs to make available to our families (SEE BELOW)!

Future Developments:
The most consistent, reliable news seems to be that things are very inconsistent and unreliable.  Every day, things are changing, and even the experts do not seem to be able to predict, with much certainty, the level of impact and/or how long this period will last.  Terms like "flattening the curve" and "social distancing" are now the norm, but no one seems to know what they will mean tomorrow, next week or next month or beyond.   We will not pretend to know either.  One practice VABA will not participate in is reacting to the most recent news cycle, whatever it may be.  

Spring & Summer:
Never have our Core Values of Faith, Discipline, Responsibility, Teamwork and Respect been so important.  As VABA has always preached, your fundamentals on the court, like off, will serve you best when under duress or facing challenges.  For this reason, VABA is remaining faithful, steady, positive and encouraging!  Bruins teams and seasons have been postponed to the summer, due to the positive and hopefulness of the coaches and their families.  We have communicated with dozens, if not hundreds, of families about the summer, and everyone is unanimous in hoping things get back to normal - and, when they do, finding fun, dynamic and productive opportunities (like basketball) to occupy their time.  Therefore, all 2020 Summer Programs (camps, mini-camps, clinics) are remaining scheduled as planned.  VABA's cancellation policy includes a 100% refund for any program that does not occur.

In the meantime...

During this period, VABA is taking the following steps to help our families and the greater community of basketball enthusiasts:

  1. Extending it's 10% Early Bird Discount throughout the Summer (for Summer Camps!)
    --> Click here to view VABA's Summer Schedule and Summer Camp Info!
    --> Registering for Summer Camp poses no risk (100% refund), so feel free to 
  2. Quarantine Skills Academy" (Introducing QSA! VABA's Newest Program!)
    --> JOIN THE QSA TEAM! <--Click here
    --> Starting the Week of April 13, VABA will make available, via an online Video Portal (COMING SOON!) with over 50 instructional videos (done outside), including Virtual Trainers and Virtual Training Partners! 
    -->Staying at home and working on your game in the driveway, or the cul-de-sac or at the park will have an entirely new meaning!  Take your mobile device and watch a video and then execute the drill on your own. Each day, eight (8) videos will be made available - piecing together eight (8) videos, will take you through an entire 40-45 minute workout.  Completing six (6) days in a row will take you through an entire week of workouts which you can do for 4-8 weeks!
    -->Everyone can participate!  Moms, Dads, and all the siblings can jump in!
    -->BONUS DRILLS & CHALLENGE DAYS available for Prizes!
    -->Like/Follow us on FACEBOOK so we can communicate this way as well!

We are very much looking forward to a fun remainder of the spring and an exciting summer of basketball!

Wishing you and yours happiness, safety and good health!

Very Warmly, 

-Ben D'Alessandro
Executive Director
Virginia Basketball Academy
PO Box 2438, Charlottesville, VA 22902

"Building character and shaping lives through the game of basketball"
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