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VABA Summer Camp Program Update!: New Dates & Options (registration opens in 24 hours @ 7pm, June 1st)!

By Ben D'Alessandro, 05/31/20, 6:45PM EDT


VABA Summer Camp Program Update!:
New Dates & Options (registration opens in 24 hours @ 7pm, June 1st)!

Click here --> Updated Summer Camp Calendar!
Click here --> Updated Summer Camp Programs link!

Dear VABA Families!

We hope your family is well!  We want to thank you for your patience as our VABA Team has worked through the logistics of reopening in a different format to account for the COVID-19 phase protocols.  We also want to thank those coaches & parents that took the time to join our virtual meetings and/or take our survey.  Your feedback (along with that of medical professionals) has been invaluable - as we exist, solely,  to serve you and your family.  This input was integral in designing our new summer camp program offerings.  These programs are super cool, and we think you and your kids will love them!  We believe that our new programs and COVID-19 refund policy will provide your family with flexibility and a variety of options, not to mention productive, positive & dynamic basketball outlets!  

V.I.S.A. (Virtual-Interactive Skills Academy)
This new program is live & interactive!  Conducted by the VABA Team of professional coaches, it's going to be fun & productive - we'll teach, demonstrate, correct and interact with you as you work on your game!  We will re-energize with a structured program - this may also be paired with the NWO (see below).  

N.W.O. (Neighborhood Work-Outs) - as available!
Check out this new program as well!  Confer with/Contact your winter league coach to see if he/she is participating and/or if there is a coach in your area leading a group!  

New Mini-camp/Transitional Flexibility Format
You will notice our newest 2/3-hour "mini-camp" options!  These are fun and exciting, and allow our staff to maintain all necessary safety protocols (space, groups).  In addition, these options may also allow us to be more nimble into other phases of the re-opening and consider more traditional camp models (if appropriate).  Review the camp info page for a more detailed description of how this would work.  We think it's innovative and allows families the flexibility to serve their child(ren)'s needs, especially during this time!

New Programs!
Please find the links below to our newly updated calendar and Summer Camp Info page!  You will find detailed program descriptions, COVID-19 protocols,as well as the very flexible COVID-19 refund policy.  We are very, very excited about this program, given the circumstances, and our entire staff is gearing up, as we speak, to make it an awesome summer!!

Click here --> Updated Summer Camp Programs link!

New Registration opens IN 24 HOURS!
7:00 pm, Monday, June 1:
 Updated 2020 Summer Registration!
(you may click on this link to see official registration after this time & date.)

COVID-19 Protocols (including refund policy)

We look forward to continuing to work with our loyal VABA families during these times!  In this context, we understand and respect each family's varying level of comfort with regards to participation.  Our staff has worked hard to do our very best to provide safe, fun, flexible and much-needed options for exercise, dynamic basketball instruction and healthy socialization!  We are excited for the opportunity to continue to serve you and your family through this new and unique Summer Camp Program!\

Warmest regards,

The VABA Team

-Ben D'Alessandro
Executive Director, Director of Coaching


Devyn Wildy
Summer Director

Cassie Kirby
Assistant Summer Director

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