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COVID Questions: Should I send my child to basketball camp? How is VABA doing it? Safety measures & successes!

By Devyn Wildy, 07/11/20, 2:30PM EDT


COVID Question: Should I send my child to basketball camp?  How is VABA doing it?  What are the risks?

As we enter mid-July, we are also entering VABA's third week of in-person basketball mini-camps.  We have interacted with dozens of enthusiastic, eager youth basketballers as well as their parents.  During these weeks, we have engaged in wonderfully informative conversations about COVID-19, and, specifically, what risks these parents have calculated in bringing their child to camp. 

Throughout the spring, and on a weekly basis, VABA is responsibly doing its part in making sure we are putting on quality basketball teaching in a safe and healthy environment.  We know we can teach the game and make it fun, but we wondered whether we could do it, successfully, during these times.  So far, these last two weeks have been a huge success VABA has been vigilant in its COVID Protocols & Accommodations, and the kids are having a blast! 

In VABA's first two weeks of in-person basketball camps, parents have been ecstatic in having a positive, safe, structured, enjoyable experience to bring their children to, and all have marveled at what a boost it has given their child!!  Each week more and more parents are reaching out and more kids are benefiting from this exciting experience.  They've had the chance to interact, safely, with other children, play the game they love and know that their child is safe!

Click here -->to view photos from VABA's first two weeks of mini-camps!

In addition, VABA has been consulting a number of local physicians and health professionals advising us along the way, along with the Virginia Department of Health - and we've listened very closely to the counsel and resources we've been utilizing.  We have conducted in-person meetings with our ad-hoc pediatrician (who is also a VABA coach) serving as one of many of our advisors, and he stated that the latest pediatric journal and live pediatric virtual "town-halls" have deemed basketball "almost no risk."  He has stated he has "no fear" for his own children.  Why? Child-to-child and child-to-adult transfer risk is practically zero, 42 out of 50 US states have zero child deaths due to COVID, and Virginia has had a mortality rate at 0% for ages 0-19.  Due to all these reasons, VABA will continue to confidently do its part to provide a quality outlet for youth basketball instruction while also following all COVID guidelines.  We'll continue to confer with our resources, along the way, as we are adhering to state guidelines and then some.

We are sincerely looking forward to the privilege of working with your family this summer!

-Devyn Wildy

Assistant Director

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