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VABA Winter League moving Outdoors: Check out information on the PBBL!

By Ben D'Alessandro, 10/28/20, 12:15PM EDT


VABA Winter League moving Outdoors:
Check out information on the Polar Bear Basketball League (PBBL)!

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Dear VABA Families:

Due to the paramount priority of safety in today's COVID culture, VABA is moving its winter basketball league outdoors, for the 2020-21 season, in the form of the Polar Bear Basketball League (PBBL). 

The VABA Team believes it is imperative, given the COVID-culture we are living in, to do everything we can to provide our community's youth a SAFE basketball option - one that is consistent with VABA's brand of mission-centered, positivity and fun!   While it is true we all must make accommodations for best practices, the benefits of team-centered athletics, fun exercise and camaraderie, training, and competition are immeasurable, for our youth, and worth rallying behind!

Please see below for some IMPORTANT HIGHLIGHTS regarding the PBBL:

  • Practices & Games Held Outdoors:
    Practices & Games occur outdoors at converted tennis courts (playing 4-on-4).  Outdoor basketball provides the safest* environment for athletics during this time.  Portable goals (SEE #5) are used for practices and games (Jan-Feb temps range 40-50).  Tennis court areas also have a physical barrier (chain-link fence) to ensure only practice/game personnel may enter.  General PBBL Info!
  • MASKS REQUIRED: All team personnel, fans required to wear masks at all times (VABA Masks included with registration).  Masked players/coaches ensure best safety * practices.  COVID Protocols!
  • Roster size = EIGHT (8): Games are played 4-on-4 (to accommodate narrower court), and especially to ensure better physical distancing (with narrower tennis court).  Physical distancing ensures best safety* measures. COVID Protocols!
  • Players Outfitted in "Polar Bear"/Outdoor Radiator Base-layer Gear:  Including Required VABA Mask, additional PBBL Gear is available (long-sleeve, legging/pants, hat/head-warmer).  Order today!
  • Portable Basketball Goals SPONSORED:  Community companies & corporations sponsor hoops which are donated to families, youth groups, schools, etc.  Be a Hoop Sponsor!

Very respectfully,

-Ben D'Alessandro

Executive Director, Director of Coaching
Virginia Basketball Academy
PO Box 2438, Charlottesville, VA 22902

"Building character and shaping lives through the game of basketball"
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