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PBBL Sunday Games are CANCELLED + Post-season Details

By Ben D'Alessandro, 02/28/21, 9:15AM EST


Dear VABA Families:

If your team is scheduled to play today (Sunday), The VABA Team regrets to inform you that we have observed the playing conditions to be unplayable - without any realistic chance of marked improvement.

Yesterday (Saturday), when the rain stopped, there was a predicted two/three-hour period between the subsiding of rainfall and the first block of games.  In addition, the sun came out quickly, and the temperatures rose rapidly.   This allowed for a very quick drying of the playing surface (not ideal, early, but never unsafe).   We had younger kids playing in those early blocks on Saturday, and the surface elements are less impactful on slower-moving players where cutting, jumping, etc. are lesser factors.  

Today (Sunday), the rain prediction is higher during and throughout portions of the afternoon's games, and the skies will remain cloudy.  In addition, we are scheduled to have some middle- and high-school games in early game blocks, some on a few of our courts with greater standing water issues.   

For the reasons listed above, our team has deemed today's games untenable.  We will NOT make up these games.

INTERESTING FACT: Out of 416 scheduled games, in the PBBL (outdoor) 2020-21 season, we were able to successfully play 394 of those games (that's 94.7%).  What a great job by our families, coaches & amazing volunteers and staff!

The PBBL Playoffs are scheduled to begin and run through Saturday, March  6 & Sunday, March 7th.  All teams qualify for the post-season championship tournament.  JBL 1-2 teams may participate in an exciting post-season  "March Madness" event (details forthcoming!).  

The PBBL Championship Tournament bracket & JBL 1-2 "March Madness" Info will be posted on Tuesday, March 2 by 4:00 pm.  

-The VABA Team

Virginia Basketball Academy
PO Box 2438, Charlottesville, VA 22902