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VABA Bruins (AAU) Spring Travel Team 2nd (and Final) Tryout: Sunday, January 27

01/21/2019, 1:00am EST
By Marcus Dixon

VABA Bruins (AAU) Spring Travel Team 2nd (and Final) Tryout:
Sunday, January 27

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IF YOU ATTENDED THE FIRST TRYOUT (on January 12)... are strongly encouraged to attend this 2nd and final tryout as well.  Our staff decided NOT to make cuts after the first tryout so all roster spots are open, and no one has officially made the team!  There is no official "call back" tryout - THIS will be the final tryout.  If you are unable to attend the second tryout, it will neither help nor hurt your chances (your first evaluation would be used).  

If you did not attend the first tryout...
...this would be the final opportunity to be evaluated and tryout for a Bruins team.  Everyone is welcome!

If you are interested in coaching Bruins this spring/summer, please email Marcus Dixon at


It's very important that each participant.  WEAR A NUMBERED REVERSIBLE (#) BASKETBALL JERSEY TO THE TRYOUT (PREFERABLY, IF YOU HAVE ONE, YOUR PRESENT 2018-19 JERSEY).  If you do not have a 2018-19 jersey, please wear a jersey from any past or present team with a light and a dark side.  This will assist our staff in identifying individual players, etc.  THIS IS AN OPEN TRYOUT - we're looking for ELITE LEVEL PLAYERS INTERESTED IN PLAYING ON A HIGHLY COMPETITIVE, TRAVEL-TEAM..  Attending the tryout is not a commitment.  There will be cuts.  Please read the flyer carefully.

Thank you!  We look forward to seeing you!  


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