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Recreational Basketball League (REC)

League Goals

The goals of the Recreational (REC) basketball Divisions are to provide the highest quality fun, positive learning environment for basketball skill and personal character development. To this end, the REC Division encourages good sportsmanship (founded on VABA's Core Values), the proper teaching of basketball fundamentals and a greater sense of purpose beyond basketball. Ultimately, the REC aims to provide a fun environment to play basketball with their peers in a safe, positive environment encouraging team play and good fundamentals.

League Structure

This is a recreational league aimed at providing a fun environment for learning and playing the game of basketball.  Ultimately, VABA's goal is to strive toward maximizing participants' potential on and off the court while developing a love for the great team sport of basketball.

There are four (4) boys divisions:

  • Grades 5-6
  • Grades 7-8
  • Grades 9-10 (JV)
  • Grades 11-12 (Varsity)

There is one girls division:

  • Grades 5-6

All players must register indivudally by either requesting a desired team/coach/player in mind or by being placed on a team with an opening. Teams may come pre-formed. Coaches, please communicate with our VABA Team by providing your roster (8 player min., 10 player max.).  All teams are formed by the order from which registrations are received. 

For questions or more info, please email or call 434-806-3436.

REC Offerings

  • Trained Coaches/Coaches Clinics: All REC Head Coaches are  trained, through a series of "Coaches' Clinics," on a specific basketball curriculum of Coaching Ethics, Defensive and Offensive Play. All coaches are volunteers. Team Managers and coaches are typically parents of participants. Parents assist with the running of game operations and serve to help support the league mission. 
  • 8-10 Games: Games are played on Saturday mornings/afternoons/evenings.  Usually teams play one (1) game per week (unless a division has an odd number of teams, in which case, one team in the odd-numbered division can play two games in a given week).  
  • Numbered T-shirt: All participants are outfitted in a numbered t-shirt (serves as team jersey).
  • Practice & Game Schedule: All teams practice once-a-week (on weekdays) for one-hour with games on weekends (Saturdays).
  • League Rules: Teams must play man defense and all coaches carry out VABA's equal playing time rules for all players.
  • Scholarships: Cost should not prevent anyone from signing up! In order to provide the highest quality organization and league, it requires significant costs. The Junior League is a program of the Virginia Basketball Academy, a non-profit organization whose mission is to "build character and shape lives through the game of basketball" - ensuring opportunities to all potential participants is critical to its purpose and success.  APPLY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP TODAY!

  • Registration Cost: $185 (approx. $13/week)

REC League info:

Girls, Grades 5 - 6
Boys Grades 5 - 6,  7 - 8 
*No evaluations - teams come pre-formed!
*Individual registrants may request team or register individually and be assigned to a team
*Registration opens: July 1                                       
*Registration Deadline: When full! (Email to inquire)                                
*Numbered T-shirt   

*13+ week program 
*1 practice/week (start mid-Nov.)                     
*8 - 10 games (Dec. - Feb.)                                 
*Games on Saturdays                                        

Boys, JV (9-10), Varsity (11-12)
*No evaluations - teams come pre-formed!
*Individual registrants may request team or individual registrants will be assigned to a team
*Registration opens: July 1                                       
*Registration Deadline: NOVEMBER 20                                
*Numbered T-shirt   
*1 practice/week (start mid-Dec.)                     
*8 - 10 games (Jan. - Feb.)                            
*Games on Saturdays                     

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