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Inclement Weather Game/Practice Cancellation Policies

Inclement Weather/Cancellation Policies



(1) Cancellation notice will be emailed directly to Team Pods/Coaches/Team Managers (NOT families)

  • Coaches COPY & PASTE (do not forward) and email their families directly

(2) Cancellation notice will be posted on our Home page as an Article

  • Visit and find current articles posted on homepage
  • Notice will also be posted on our League Schedule page (schedule will also be updated)

(3) Cancellation notice will be posted on our Social Media pages.

Cancellation notices will be communicated/updated AS SOON AS VABA IS INFORMED BY THE COUNTY/CITY ADMINISTRATORS.  If there are no updates, then games are on as scheduled.  If games are cancelled on a Saturday and/or Sunday, games could be on for the other day, so stay posted.  

Please make sure to check and double-check - and encourage your team/families to always check the website right before they leave for their game (if they haven't heard of any changes).

PLEASE NOTE: IT IS EXTREMELY UNLIKELY CANCELED GAMES CAN BE MADE UP.  So, the expectation is that there will be no make-up games.


If ever applicable, and as a matter of policy...

During the weekdays, as a matter of general policy/protocol, anytime a respective school is canceled or has an early dismissal due to inclement weather  there are no VABA practices.  In these cases, custodians and school personnel are not present to open or monitor school use. 

Therefore, unless otherwise notified, in these cases, your practices are cancelled (make-ups are extremely unlikely due to the maximum capacity of practice assignments).  

Please check the school, news or school district website (below, and on our "Cancel Weather Policy Page" for your respective school/school system (for weekday practices). If school is open, then practice is on. If school is closed, then practice is cancelled.

Because VABA teams utilize so many different schools, no official email or notification is sent in these cases.  It is important all team pod members understand the standard policy and protocol so they can communicate directly with their respective teams in an expeditious way.  Teams/coaches will have to check their respective websites regarding school closings, etc. for practices. Any changes/updates/exceptions to this policy, specific to your team's practice arrangements, would only be communicated directly from a VABA representative.  

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Albemarle County Schools website

Charlottesville City Schools website

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Charlottesville Catholic School

Fluvanna County Schools website

Green County Schools website

Louisa County Schools website

Orange County Schools website

Madison County Schools website

Peabody School website

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