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Neighborhood Work-Outs (N.W.O.)

Neighborhood Workout ("N.W.O.")

Week 1 (June 15-18, 2020)
Week 2 (June 22-25, 2020)

Two (2) - Four (4) Days/week
90-minute sessions
Boys & Girls (Grades 1-4, 5-8, 9-12)
Rally your friends or join a group (as available)!  

Location: @ designated "NWO" basket/driveway/cul-de-sac

(@ Coach or NWO Team Member home/neighborhood)


One (1) Week (4 x 90-min sessions) = $60 per week 

  • 3-4 sessions = $15.00/session
  • 1-2 sessions = $18.00/session

These "NWO" sessions are provided "as available."  In order for NWO sessions to take place a Neighborhood VABA Coach must be assigned.  Rally your team and ask your VABA Winter League coach to step up!  Participants are welcome to drive to any location to take part!  A local Neighborhood Group, led by a VABA-Certified Coach, would meet at a local, neighborhood hoop/driveway/cul-de-sac and perform the "VISA" Workout-of-the-Day! 

Check with your coach, or Sign-up individually

SHOOTING (30 mins)

*Neighborhood Coaches would receive NWO Team Members emails (from VABA) for communication on evening workout times and locations!

All NWO Sessions are LIVE!:  All NWO Sessions are done live! and in person with your VABA-Certified coach and NWO Team!

The New N.W.O. ("Neighborhood Work-OUT) are conducted outdoors - they're designed to be dynamic, fun and focused skills training sessions covering essential individual skills.  There is nothing better than getting a ball in your hands and receiving dynamic, inspiring, training on important skills that will last a lifetime!  This is a fun opportunity for fun, valuable training on the most essential basketball skills!  

  • Groups are 9 maximum!
  • Physical Distancing (as per VA guidelines)
  • Valuable Social Interaction with friends
  • Structured, Group activity 
  • Outdoors!
  • Great physical fitness!
  • Renew connections and friendships!
  • Have fun playing basketball again!


Interested in being a NWO Coach!

Click here to let us know your availability to coach an NWO Group!

Recruit your coach!

If interested in getting a group together and/or reconvening your winter league team, TELL YOUR COACH!  Have your Head and Assistant Coaches "platoon" and find a hoop and/or a driveway where everyone can get together, maintaining physical distancing and have fun!