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League Schedules 2020-21

PBBL Sunday (2/28) Update: Games are cancelled
(due to weather and unplayable surface conditions)

 Game times & locations are always subject to change.
Always double-check your game details the day/morning of your game, IF NOT daily throughout the week.  

Review VABA Code of Ethics prior to attending VABA games.
Scroll to the bottom of the page to find various league schedules.

Parent/Spectator Portal

All parents must have passed the P.P.A. (Positive Parent Assessment). Team guests must be advised of VABA's Code of Ethics and it's highly recommended that all fans view the Parent/Spectator Video.

Please read before attending VABA games.

Those attending VABA games accept and adhere to VABA's Code of Ethics.  Please read before attending!  We look forward providing this opportunity for you to positively support and encourage our young athletes!

Polar Bear Basketball League


 COVID/SAC Forms Completed Online.  All participants (Coaches & Players) must remain masked and have COVID-waiver completed on game-day prior to competition (confirmation via SAC Card completed online prior to the game).  Team Managers verify with Head Coaches, Check-off on Game Score-sheet

(Always check time/date stamp to confirm latest schedule update)

Student-athletes' Parents are required to complete Online Digital SAC Card (including COVID Waiver), on the day of competition, in order to be eligible to participate in games.  There is no longer a printable, paper SAC Card. 

VABA coaches and parents adhere to league SAC Card policies in order to help student-athletes meet expectations.  REQUIRED FOR: ALL LEAGUES!

Keeping the game score-book

Are you the parent volunteer keeping the score-book for your game?   This is an important job, please take the time to watch this short video so you're prepared to do your job well!