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Individual Development
Individual Skill Development may be the most important facet of “off-season training,” and this aspect of our teaching programs usually proves to be the most effective tool in preparing a young player for the season ahead.

Why Private Instruction?
Private instruction focuses specifically on the individual. Naturally, each player is different. Experience, age, skill levels, mental approaches all vary from person to person. When working one-on-one with an athlete, we are able to cater every facet of our training specifically to the needs of the individual.
All Private Instruction sessions will begin with a comprehensive Pre- Assessment (physical & mental) and a complete Skill Evaluation. This initial evaluative process is essential before the teaching process can begin. Identifying strengths and weaknesses is critical, but our instructors are equally concerned with getting to know each athlete as a person. We understand that each individual has a different personality, different goals and may be motivated differently. Our ultimate goal is to help each individual reach his potential, and to successfully do this we must help each athlete accurately identify where they are starting from and where they want to go. Our job will be to help direct them on how to get there. This pre-assessment and evaluation process will be followed by a thorough “Game Plan” and specific goal-setting. A designated time period will be charted out for achieving goals and individual teaching sessions will begin thereafter.


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Our motto is “coaching is teaching,” and we have developed an extremely thorough, diversified basketball teaching curriculum for individual development. After the initial evaluation and skill assessment has taken place, our customized plan includes comprehensive drill sets specific to meeting the needs identified for the particular “student.”
 Usually the teaching process can be narrowed down to developing proper fundamental habits; to do this, oftentimes in the early stages of this development we will also be attempting to “undo” incorrect habits. Naturally, developing habits is a time-consuming process; so we will not only thoroughly train each individual, but we will attempt to train each player on how to “self-train.” Our goal is that whenever a player picks up a basketball he/she has a clear idea on how to most effectively invest time. Consequently, this knowledge will produce a more intelligent, self-sufficient athlete.
Sometimes, more than anything, young players struggle with confidence. Fear of making mistakes on the court can, in effect, almost paralyze a player. Along with a lack of confidence usually comes a lack of aggression. Tough, aggressive players are usually the best players - and the most likely to reach their potential.
 The only way to develop confidence is to work, intelligently and consistently. Therefore, our drills are specifically designed to help a player become “game ready.” Students who take part in our Individual Development sessions are expected to find time on their own to work on the drills they have been taught, develop proper basketball habits, and thus, develop confidence when they step out on the court.

Our Individual Development program is for any age, boy or girl, who is serious about basketball. Whether you are a beginner, you have aspirations to play at the college level, or you are somewhere in between, these sessions can prove extremely effective in helping you reach your goals and prepare for the season ahead and beyond.