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Coaching/Leadership Internship Program

Summer Coaching Internship Program

VABA's SUMMER COACHING INTERNSHIP PROGRAM is designed for rising 6th-12th graders interested in gaining valuable leadership experience as a part of VABA's Summer Camp Staff.  This program is designed to train future coaches or teachers (or those interested in working with kids) - individuals who are interested in furthering their teaching and/or leadership skills and working with kids.  This is a fun and fulfilling experience as young athletes develop a passion for making an impact on the youth of our community via the role of coach, mentor, counselor and leader.  VABA Coaching Interns will be a part of the VABA summer staff, mingling with VABA's paid, professional staff, attending staff meetings, pre-camp preparations and all on-court teaching sessions.  Prospective interns should look at the Summer Camp Schedule and determine which sessions he/she can be present for, complete the online coaches/volunteer application and await contact from VABA's Summer Program Director, Jordan Saylor, and/or Girls Summer Program Director, Ashley Burney, to see if he/she has been accepted into the program.  

Why be a VABA Summer Coaching Intern?
There is no better way to learn than to be thrust into a teaching role.  Being a VABA Summer Coaching Intern provides invaluable experience, surrounded by seasoned, professional coaches and mingling with VABA Staff, coaching interns will develop leadership skills, deepen their knowledge of the game, earn community service hours, build their resume and establish reputable contacts within the local basketball coaching/teaching community.  This is a fulfilling experience that provides wonderful opportunities for personal growth AND guarantees that your time will be well-spent "making a difference" in the community.   
In addition to the on-court experience VABA Summer Coaching Interns get, coaching interns will also "earn" on-court skills training via the "High School Summer Skills Academy."  For every three (3) hours of on-court internship hours, VABA interns may also receive 1.5 hours of on-court skills training.  Usually, VABA Coaching Interns are in middle or high school and continue to have on-court goals with regard to their high school and/or college playing careers.  This program is a wonderful opportunity to develop in all areas.

VABA's motto is “coaching is teaching,” and VABA has developed an extremely thorough, diversified skill development program for individual and team development. In addition, VABA Coaches are expected to be role models on and off the court in our community.  For a Summer Coaching Intern to be effective, he/she must be eager, on-time, hard-working, diligent and willing to go the extra mile.  A positive attitude and an eager spirit to learn, listen and do whatever task necessary for the "VABA Team" is required.  You need not apply if you have anything less than this eager, positive, diligent spirit to serve others and be a team player.  If a Summer Coaching Intern makes a commitment, he/she is expected to fulfill this commitment.  

STEPS TO APPLY for VABA's Summer Coaching Internship Program

  1. Read the information above thoroughly.
  2. Look at Summer Camp Schedule and consider which days, times, weeks you can commit to, provided you are offered a position.  If you commit, please be prepared to fulfill your commitment.  
  3. Complete the online summer staff/intern application (SEE ABOVE)
  4. Await contact from a VABA Staff member (be prepared, potentially, for a phone or in-person interview).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Apply to become a Summer Coaching Intern/Staff

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