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PBBL Game Schedule Updates: Including Weekday Games

By Ben D'Alessandro, 02/21/21, 9:45PM EST


PBBL Game Schedule Updates: Including Weekday Games

Dear, VABA Families:

As per communication Saturday, due to a favorable forecast this week, VABA has rescheduled games for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (Feb. 23, 24 & 25) this week.  

No games have been canceled (only postponed/rescheduled).  Therefore, please carefully review the complete schedule and find all of your team's games.  Double-check and confirm with your Team Pod and your team so there are no games overlooked on the schedule.   

All weekday games will take place at Monticello HS/PVCC and Western Albemarle HS.  There are no weekday games scheduled at Albemarle HS due to the parking challenges (as per Athletic Director), especially during the week with spring/fall sports.  

Practices normally held at MHS/PVCC & WAHS on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday may be rescheduled, according to the coaches availability, on Friday and/or at Albemarle HS, if possible.   Please email to attempt to reschedule your practice(s).

Week #8 games are now on their originally-scheduled weekend (Feb. 27).  By playing during the week, the PBBL schedule now goes back to its original format for Week 8 games (Feb. 27) and the playoffs (March 6).  This minimizes potential spring sports conflicts.  There remain some make-up games (from Week 6) on Sunday, February 28.  There are no longer make-up games on March 7 (those were also, successfully, rescheduled.  Except for an egregious conflicts (i.e. one of our 16 double-coaches has overlapping games, etc.), no convenience changes can be made.  If February 27-28 is rained out, those games will not be rescheduled.  We hope we have provided the best opportunities for our amazing kids, coaches and families to play basketball!

PLEASE REMEMBER, ALL normal game protocols apply to weekday games.  BE EARLY & PREPARED!

  • Team Meets 20-minutes prior to game-time with Completed Game Scoresheet
    • Do not be late to your team check-in (games are scheduled in a tighter window for weekday games!)
  • Online COVID Waiver-Affidavits/SAC Card Completed on Game-day (HC, AC, S-A's, SK)
  • Team Reports Confirmed (indicated on Game Scoresheet) 
  • Game Scoresheets Completed 

 Please visit the VABA Game Schedule page to find Official PBBL Game Schedule PDF.  

Thank you, everyone, for your cooperation and patience as we do our very best to serve our PBBL/VABA Families and Coaches! 

Very respectfully,

The VABA Team

Virginia Basketball Academy
PO Box 2438, Charlottesville, VA 22902