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Junior Basketball League

Boys, Girls Divisions (Grades 1-2, 3-4)

LIMITED CAPACITY! Leagues/teams are rostered on a first-come (registered), first-served basis.

League Goals

The goals of the Junior Basketball League are to provide the highest quality fun, positive learning environment for basketball skill and personal character development. To this end, the JBL encourages good sportsmanship (founded on VABA's Core Values), the proper teaching of basketball fundamentals and a greater sense of purpose beyond basketball. Ultimately, the JBL aims to "light the fire," inspiring young athletes to fall in love with the game of basketball.

League Structure

This is a recreational league. However, beyond just participating or playing the game, the JBL provides an environment where devoted, professionally-trained coaches and young athletes can sincerely focus on developming fundamental skills. Ultimately, VABA's goal is to strive toward maximizing participants' potential on and off the court while developing a love for the great team sport of basketball.

There are three (3) boys divisions; grades 1-2, grade 3, and grade 4, and two (2) girls divisions; grades 1-2 and 3-4.  Teams are formed based on the public school district where athletes attend school. All teams, comprised of 10 players each, taken on a first come first serve basis, are divided based on the public high schools where they would be districted to attend (also applies to private and home-schooled students). The JBL ("Junior League") is not run directly by the schools or their athletic directors and coaches. Games and practices take place at local elementary, middle and high schools.


Three (3) Boys Divisions: Grades 1-2, 3, and 4 
Two (2) Girls Divisions: Grades 1-2, 3-4
Four (4) teams per school/mascot per division (see participating districts below)

ARCHANGELS (CCS): Charlottesville Catholic School
BEARS (CDS): Charlottesville Day School
BLACK KNIGHTS (Charlottesville HS): Burnley-Moran, Clark, Greenbrier, Jackson Via, Johnson, Venable
CARDINALS (Free Union): Free Union School
DRAGONS (Greene Co.): All Greene County Schools
EAGLES (Covenant): The Covenant School
FLUCOS (Fluvanna Co.): All Fluvanna County Schools
HORNETS (Orange Co.): All Orange County Schools
HORNETS (Wilson Memorial): All Wilson Memorial Schools
LIONS (Louisa Co.): All Louisa County Schools 
LIONS (Regents): Regents School
MUSTANGS (Monticello HS): Mountain View, Red Hill, Scottsville, Stone-Robinson, Stony Point (if feeding into Burley Middle)
PANTHERS (Peabody): Peabody School
PATRIOTS (Albemarle HS): Agnor-Hurt, Baker-Butler, Broadus Wood, Greer, Hollymead, Stony Point (if feeding into Lakeside Middle), Woodbrook
SAINTS (St. Anne's Belfield): St. Anne's Belfield School
WARRIORS (W. Albemarle HS): Crozet, Brownsville, Meriwether Lewis, Murray
Small PRIVATE SCHOOLS (w/ no HS): Field, The International School of Charlottesville, Montessori, Tandem, Village, Waldorf, etc.

*All private schools must have enough participants from their school to form a school team - otherwise, they will be placed within their public school district. 

*Registrations are accepted first-come, first serve, accepting the first 40 registrants (per age-group, per mascot).
*All  registrants, even those on a wait list, will take part in the "Winter League Pre-season/Team Formation Evaluation" dedicated to their League and Group in the fall in order to create balanced teams. Coaches & assistant coaches will be able to help at the evaluation nights.

Interested in being a head or assistant coach? Please email us today!

*Do you attend a Private School? If so, please attend the Evaluation Day that matches your "public school district."  If unsure if you will have enough participants from your private school, encourage others in your school to participate!  A minimum of 8 players is required, along with a coach.  

*If you are unable to make it to your assigned evaluation day, please check the alternate date provided AND call or email so we are prepared for your attendance. It is best if you can attend on your assigned date.

*13+ week program (10+ games, 1 practice/week)
*Full & Partial Scholarships Available - apply today!
Boys: Grades 1 - 2, Grades 3 - 4
Girls: Grades 1 - 2, Grades 3 - 4
Teams are formed on a first come, first serve basis. There are only 40 spots available for mascot teams for each grade division (4 teams of 10 will be formed for each). For questions or more info, please email or call 434-806-3436.

Click here if interested in the VDBL (Grades 5-8)

JBL Offerings!

  • Trained Coaches/Coaches Clinics: All JBL Head Coaches are professionally trained, through a series of "Coaches' Clinics," on a specific basketball curriculum of Coaching Ethics, Defensive and Offensive Play. All coaches are volunteers. Team Managers and coaches are typically parents of participants. Parents assist with the running of game operations and serve to help support the league mission. There is no charge for JBL coaches to attend these clinics.

  • Evaluations: All participants are expected to attend ONE EVALUATION (this is where the learning begins). All evaluations are included in the price of the league.

  • Full-time League Director: The Virginia Basketball Academy provides a full-time league director who is entrusted with running the league.

  • 10-12 Games: Games are played on Saturday mornings/afternoons/evenings.  Usually teams play one (1) game per week (unless a division has an odd number of teams, in which case, one team in the odd-numbered division can play two games in a given week).  

  • Mesh Jerseys (Grds 3-4), Shooting Shirt (Grds 1-4): All young athletes in grades 3 - 4 are outfitted in a reversible mesh jersey and shooting shirt.

  • Practice & Game Schedule: All teams practice once-a-week (on weekdays) with games on weekends (Saturdays).

  • League Rules: In the 1st – 2nd Grade Division, the rims start at 8’ and there is no score kept for games.  In the 3rd – 4th grade Division, the rims start at 9’ and the score is kept.  Rims raised in the event there is an upper 3rd-4th grade Division formed.  All Junior League divisions required equal playing time for all participants.

  • Grass Roots Partnership: While the JBL is organized and run by VABA staff, parent volunteers partner with the league, assisting with communication and carrying out some game-day operations. Parents may have a direct hand in the league's rules and policies, as VABA's goal is to provide the best possible basketball opportunity for the community.

  • FULL & PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIPS: Cost should not prevent anyone from signing up! In order to provide the highest quality organization and league, it requires significant costs (listed above). The Junior League is a program of the Virginia Basketball Academy, a non-profit organization whose mission is to "build character and shape lives through the game of basketball - ensuring opportunities to all potential participants is critical to its purpose and success.  APPLY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP TODAY!

  • Registration Cost: 
         JBL 1-2 = $209 (approx. $14/week)
         JBL 3-4 = $245 (approx. $16/week)